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Terms and conditions for Campcation Rewards

Last updated 2023-10-11

Campcation Rewards is a loyalty program of Campcation® (the “Program”). For each night you book through Campcation, you will receive a stamp (“Stamp”). When you collect 10 Stamps with us, we give you 1 bonus night to redeem (“Bonus Night”). This Bonus Night does not include taxes and fees. You must pay these when you redeem your Bonus Night. All bookings must be made online or via our mobile app.

The Program is open to anyone over the age of 18 (or the age of majority in your country) who registers on Campcation with a valid email address and then joins the Program. Companies, associations or other groups are not allowed to register.


You will earn a Stamp for every night you stay at an accommodation participating in Campcation Rewards. If you collect ten Stamps, you get a Bonus Night. You must be logged into your Campcation account when booking online, and via our mobile app so that we can add the Stamps you collect to your account after your stay. Only Campcation members can collect Stamps. Other guests on the same booking cannot collect Stamps and you cannot collect Stamps for accommodation bookings you made before joining the Program.

We will add any Stamps you collect to your account up to 72 hours after you check out of your Campcation Rewards accommodation. You can see at any time how many Stamps you have accumulated in your account. Just log in to Campcation, use our mobile app, or call our customer service.


Once you have collected 10 Stamps, we will give you a Bonus Night that you can redeem at any participating Campcation Rewards accommodation. You can redeem your Bonus Night online and in our mobile app.

The maximum value of your Bonus Night is based on the value of the ten Stamps you have collected. This value represents the average price per night, excluding taxes and fees, for the stamps you have previously collected. You must pay for taxes, fees, meals and any other costs associated with your Bonus Night.


Your stamps are valid for 12 months from the date they are received. We may change our terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice. Campcation Rewards has no end date and will continue until we end it, which can happen at any time.


We reserve the right to terminate your membership if you behave fraudulently or use the Program in a way that does not comply with our terms and conditions. You may not sell or transfer your Stamps or combine them with other members’ Stamps.

The Campcation Rewards program and the rules and conditions of Campcation Rewards are governed by the laws specified in the Terms of Use.

The program is invalid in places where it is prohibited by law. Our decision on all questions or conflicts regarding the program is final.